Salon Verde, Venice 19.5.– 26.11.23 Tue-Sun 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Admission free

UMBAU (conversion) means the continuous transformation of existing structures. Considering today’s climate goals, UMBAU must move from being the exception to becoming the rule. Our exhibition contributes to this by discussing seven projects by gmp as precise case studies of conversion practices from the 21st century dealing with the architectural heritage of the modern movement. What the projects have in common is a conceptual approach to UMBAU, which, starting from a comprehensive inventory of the existing, continues and develops the old as an architectural evolution. Practice shows that UMBAU must also integrate new settings and superimpositions. UMBAU is not unique, but continues into the future as a nonstop transformation, as a collaboration spanning generations.


Stephan Schütz, Nikolaus Goetze

Curatorial Advisor:

Florian Heilmeyer

Project Lead:

Detlef Jessen-Klingenberg

Exhibition Team:

Rodrigo Andaeta Marta Busnelli Heidi Knaut Amran Salleh Cornelia Schwarte