Guided tour of the exhibition and knowledge exchange

Visit of the exhibition of the Bundesstiftung Baukultur in the context of the international symposium "Learning cities - Stadt als Lernort"

The Bundesstiftung Baukultur is taking the 18th International Architecture Biennale with the title "The Laboratory of the Future" and the motto of the German pavilion "Open for Maintenance / Wegen Umbau geöffnet" as an opportunity to organize an international symposium. The aim of the event is to further expand the international network of the Bundesstiftung Baukultur and to promote the exchange of expertise on building culture issues.

In cooperation with the German Study Center in Venice, gmp Architects and the Venice Urban Lab, the Bundesstiftung Baukultur is organizing a symposium on the topic of "Learning cities - Stadt als Lernort".

For more information on the program and registration visit their website www.bundesstiftung-baukultur.de